Active Mind from Active Movement

Active Movement are pleased to announce that it is testing its first programme dedicated to emotional wellbeing. Targeted at the younger age groups, the concept is designed to help children articulate to staff their worries and evolve strategies to deal with them together. In addition, a new parent support initiative has been developed to facilitate […]

Active Recovery from Active Movement

This is a challenging time for schools, children, parents and teachers as all look to return to some kind of normality after lockdown. Children will be unfit from lack of activity and likely to be overweight through eating too much of the wrong foods too often. The ability to focus and concentrate for long periods […]


We at Active Movement are delighted to announce that Liz Prosser has joined our team as a consultant. As former GLA’s Child Health Policy/Programme Officer and Manager of Healthy Schools and Healthy Early Years London, Liz brings her exceptional experience in physical activity, health and wellbeing to the Active Movement concept. Her immediate role will […]

Active Recovery

With schools and Early Years settings returning from lockdown, there are difficult challenges ahead. Children will have been inactive and eating poorly; they will be unused to concentrating for lengthy periods; emotional wellbeing will be an issue not only through weeks of isolation but in returning to a world that being attacked by illness and […]

Health at Home

Active Movement have been working closely with Slough Borough Council in developing a support programme for adults, families, office works and school children to encourage activity when away from school. With lockdown restricting activity, the Active Movement Health at Home programme has provided ideas, information and advice on sitting less, standing more and moving often. […]

Health and Wellbeing Service in Slough

Active Movement are delighted to have been appointed one of the main suppliers in this new service launched in April. Our role will be to effect behaviour change in Slough. This will include the Active Movement Early Years, Primary and Secondary programmes over the next three years to increase activity and fight obesity through integrating […]

Active Movement in Buckinghamshire

Active Movement are delighted to be working with Buckinghamshire County Council in bringing the programme to six primary schools across the county. There will also be a Cluster Control test featuring a seventh school that will join the programme at a later date. COVID-19 has delayed co-ordinating schools, but 2 have so far signed up […]

Decisions, decisions

Last week’s elections again highlighted the polarised choices and views of the British public around our leaving the EU. It is typical of the many choices we face in our lives. What started with a binary choice that became a miscellany of options to confuse and complicate. It’s like going to shops. The decision to […]

The fightback

This week has seen two of the most extraordinary footballing comebacks as Liverpool and then Tottenham Hotspur beat the odds to overcome opponents who seemingly had their matches won. This snatching of victory from the jaws of defeat captured the imagination of the public and the press. There is perhaps nothing as uplifting or as […]

Is exercise the only way to increase physical activity?

There is little doubt that exercise is good for us. Innumerable studies show the effect physical activity has on our mind, body, immune system, emotional well-being, cognitive skills and energy levels. It is why I have made the power of exercise medicine a lifetime’s work. Yet the majority of us remain unmotivated to make the extra effort […]