The Active Movement System for Early Years

At this age, being active is rarely an issue. Children instinctively move a lot so parents do not teach activity as a behaviour in the same way they might courtesy, manners, hygiene or social skills.

Yet educating young children about the benefits of being active and the power of reducing their sedentary behaviour should start now. Active Movement believes in not just inspiring children to be active but by educating them as to the benefits of standing and moving more whilst sitting less.

Active Movement for Early Years is a 12-month programme that breaks the year down into three component phases comprising Activity phase (Summer), Active Together phase (Autumn) and Nutrition phase (Spring). This increases focus, simplifies planning and communication, and more effectively engages staff and parents.

Each phase contains a series of active levels including setting education, parent and children activities, information and advice plus other areas of well-being relevant to the time of year.

The programme also includes a unique delivery system around a series of dog and cat characters linked to the programme to educate and motivate children and parents.

The full Active Movement System for Early Years (Nursery) includes:

  • License to the Active Movement Early Years 12-month programme
  • Detailed timing template
  • Teacher training session
  • Full creative resource (personalised to client)
  • Supply of toy characters
  • Information support material
  • Weekly online communication
  • Launch material for parents
  • Online platform
  • Service line
  • Programme review

Note a license only version of the Reception programme is also available via the online platform.

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