The Active Movement System for Primary Schools

Going to infant or primary school is a major change in a child’s life. The school day becomes more structured in content and timing. Sedentary behaviour increases along with a different class environment and new teaching methods.

As always, the Active Movement System recognises this different context and adapts accordingly. The educational component remains, but the programme now empowers teachers to integrate non-sedentary behaviour and inspire low-level activity into everyday routine without class disruption or compromising teaching time.

Its multi-layered approach increases standing and moving whilst reducing sitting as part of class routine, lesson delivery, school life, home behaviour as well as through competition and giving children their own role to play. Communication also evolves in KS2 to be more empathetic to the audience

Active Movement has not only seen improvements in activity levels, but improvements in energy levels, concentration, behaviour, attainment and even nutritional habits leading to reduced waist circumference.

See Case histories for details of the Cluster Control Test case history

The Active Movement System for Key Stage 1 and 2 includes

  • License to the Active Movement programme
  • Teacher training session
  • Full creative resource
  • Detailed timing template
  • Weekly online communication
  • Visit programme
  • Online reference platform
  • Children’s evaluation questionnaire
  • Launch newsletter and welcome pack
  • Support service line
  • Transition from infant package (if applicable)
  • Programme review

Note a license only version of the Primary school programme is also available via the online platform.

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