This is the most challenging environment for the programme. Children are more self-aware about their physicality, more self-determining about their activity levels and will be naturally more sedentary. The learning environment will also be much more regimented with much less opportunity for movement during lessons (though often between them).

The Secondary school programme is designed to be further embedded into the class and school environment. It is a far more pro-active process involving the children in its construction, particularly Year 7 and 8 though the entire school is integrated into the programme.

The Active Movement Key Stage 3-4 Programme includes

  • License to the Active Movement programme
  • Teacher training session
  • Comprehensive guide to content and implementation
  • ‘Soft’ launch initiative to create initial momentum
  • 12-month timing template
  • Downloadable creative references
  • ‘Hard’ launch programme including location activity planning
  • Pupil behaviour questionnaire (online)
  • Launch newsletter and welcome pack
  • Support service line
  • Transition from Key Stage 1 and 2 package (if applicable)
  • Programme review

Add-on programmes include

  • Personalisation, production and supply of creative work
  • Qualitative assessment programme of teachers and parents