The Active Movement System for Reception

As communication skills improve and mobility increases, so the children’s learning environment in Early Years (Reception) start to become more structured in readiness for the requirements of Key Stage 1 and 2.

Part of the Active Movement System’s unique approach is to maintain the behaviour change throughout childhood to ease the transition from Early Years to Key Stage 4. This requires linkage between each programme.

The Active Movement programme for Reception comprises the content and support for Nursery. However, at the latter stage of Reception, children are introduced for the first time to the ‘human’ characters they will meet in Key Stage 1.

The full Active Movement System for Reception includes:

  • License to the Active Movement Early Years 12-month programme
  • Detailed timing template
  • Teacher training session
  • Full creative resource including introductory pack to Primary school characters
  • Supply of toy characters
  • Information support material
  • Weekly online communication
  • Launch material for parents
  • Online platform
  • Service line
  • Programme review

Note a license only version of the Reception programme is also available via the online platform.

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