Active Movement and ‘Active Community’ with Buckinghamshire Council

July 2022

The first-ever Active Community programme has been completed after a pioneering approach to wellbeing was introduced to areas of Wycombe and North Aylesbury. This unique programme co-ordinated a host of community partners (schools, nurseries, doctors surgeries, pharmacists, faith settings, community centres, retailers, care homes, youth centres, leisure centres, housing developments and libraries alongside local leaders and representatives); created a series of local initiatives such as Active Parks walks; developed special community links such as care homes with primary schools plus a host of community activity events from walks to royal celebrations; and a range of presentations, meetings and connections with a variety of age and ethnic groups to create a 2 year programme to encourage entire families and communities to enjoy and mutually support each other to sit less and move more.  This one-off experiment provided enormous feedback about the possibilities of engaging a wide group of people to follow a simple path to increasing their everyday activity levels. Ask Active Movement for more information about Active Community