Active Recovery from Active Movement

This is a challenging time for schools, children, parents and teachers as all look to return to some kind of normality after lockdown. Children will be unfit from lack of activity and likely to be overweight through eating too much of the wrong foods too often. The ability to focus and concentrate for long periods will have been compromised. Their emotional stress levels will be high faced with new surroundings and a life in a COVID 19 world. Teachers and staff are also facing a new routine whilst trying to make up for lost academic time and embed the new REHE curriculum at the same time. Meanwhile, parents will be looking to schools to ensure their children are safe and protected and reassure them that their decision to their children return to education was a wise one.

Active Movement’s Active Recovery programme is designed to help children, staff and families’ in their RECOVERY from the effects of lockdown on activity, weight, mental health and learning and PROTECT them from COVID-19 through whole setting awareness of immunisation, handwashing and active distancing. Its support package represents on one of the most comprehensive aids to schools and early years settings to help redress the damage caused by the Coronavirus.

Over 40 schools and settings are now experiencing the powerful benefits of the Active Movement Active Recovery programme.