Active Movement on BBC Radio 4

Inside Health is a regular radio programme looking at the science behind many current health claims and issues. Last week’s show looked at the dangers of sedentary behaviour and the benefits of reducing it. Chisenhale Primary, an Active Movement school in East London, was featured as an example of how a little active behaviour can […]

Active Movement and Tower Hamlets Public Health

October 2022 Active Movement have been appointed to bring a 5-school programme into this East London borough beginning as of January 2023. Not only will the programme look to reduce sedentary behaviour and increase low-level activity across the entire school, but will enable each school to enter for their Healthy School Silver and Gold Awards

Active Movement and ‘Active Community’ with Buckinghamshire Council

July 2022 The first-ever Active Community programme has been completed after a pioneering approach to wellbeing was introduced to areas of Wycombe and North Aylesbury. This unique programme co-ordinated a host of community partners (schools, nurseries, doctors surgeries, pharmacists, faith settings, community centres, retailers, care homes, youth centres, leisure centres, housing developments and libraries alongside […]

Active Movement and Health & Wellbeing Slough

April 2022 After working with over 50 schools, 15 nurseries and children centres, 2 Secondary schools, the council’s office staff, their travel and immunisation teams, working through the Covid pandemic and the creation of its dedicated wellbeing service ‘Health & Wellbeing Slough’,  the council’s partnership with the local council has come to an end after […]

Active Movement, UCL and cognitive ability

December 2021 Active Movement are delighted to be working alongside University College of London on gaining a better understanding of the power of standing and moving on cognitive ability. It has long been understood that physical wellbeing can be reflected in improved cognitive function, so UCL have created a dedicated computer model to evaluate how […]

We’re a Get Berkshire Active Lockdown Hero!

We are delighted to have been recognised for helping those affected by lockdown to sit less and move more. Our Health at Home programme was a special evolution of the Active Movement concept, and we are pleased that it was able to positively support so many people.