Review in Suffolk

The Active Movement programme across two primary schools (All Saints Primary and Pot Kiln Primary) and one secondary (Newmarket Academy) is coming to a close after a fantastic 12 month’s Active Movement. As well as a full programme of activity , evaluation and support, Pot Kiln and Newmarket Academy saw the first ever Active One Life event, a unique combination of Active Movement and the local council initiative, One Life Suffolk. This special combination of the two offers is currently being reviewed, though first analysis of the questionnaire from All Saints Primary has shown improvements in activity in and out of school.

A full report will be prepared shortly.

Active Slough

The Active Movement programme held its first co-ordinator meeting in Slough before Easter. Onsite co-ordinators across all participating settings attended a special review of the programme and looked ahead at new developments including a new approach to supporting schools during SATs via the Active Movement programme. Increases in activity levels can help memory, concentration and energy levels. Small changes in hydration, nutrition and sleeping habits can also have major benefits on enhancing performance and reducing stress. An Active Movement dedicated programme was shared with all.

The meeting also saw the first discussions about community programmes ranging from Active Movement events between schools to Summer celebrations, even a town-wide initiative. Proposals working with Slough Council are being considered.

A similar co-ordinator meeting is taking place with schools in the London Sport programme in the next couple of weeks.

More schools in Slough

The Slough programme has increased in size with the recruitment of Claycot Primary School (Britwell Campus). This large school to the north of the town will add to the five schools already taking part, so increasing the community of settings that are Active Movement schools including children centres, nurseries, primary and secondary schools across Slough.

A further primary and secondary school are also in discussion with Active Movement with a view to beginning the programme in February.

This now represents the highest concentration of Active Movement schools in a single location and the first time that there is now linkage between settings. Over the next few months, there will be opportunities for these schools to share the Active Movement experience with each other, jointly participate in Active Movement events and create long-term relationships that will continue to drive activity for children and parents across the town.

10000 children take up Active Movement

The recent joint programme with London Sport has seen a significant landmark in the Active Movement programme. Working with nurseries, children’s centres, primary and secondary schools in Worcestershire, Berkshire, Suffolk and across London has seen the programme reach over 10000 children of all ages.

This is an important moment not only because of the numbers reached. It is also a reflection of the unique nature of the programme in its inclusivity and accessibility to all pupils irrespective of age, gender, ethnic background, socio-demographic or sporting prowess.

In addition, the programme looks to educate teachers, nursery staff and parents about the power of changing sedentary routine on well-being so extending its reach still further.

The imminent arrival of an online platform will further increase the  availability of the Active Movement programme.


London Active Movement

The first three of five schools launched their Active Movement programme this week as part of the joint campaign alongside London Sport. Haimo Primary School in Greenwich, Queensbridge Primary in Hackney and Sir Francis Drake Primary in Lewisham completed their teacher training session and all three have become Active Movement schools.

The link with London Sport is an important development. Though it is linked to Sport England and has a mission statement of making London the most active capital in the world, the organisation recognises that sport cannot be the only conduit to increased activity. Active Movement’s programme for reducing sitting time and adding even a little activity to the daily routine of children offers a more inclusive and relevant opportunity to shape active behaviour in the long-term.

Two other schools are currently in discussion with Active Movement in Southwark and Sutton about taking part in this 12-month programme with a likely start date of early February. The progress and impact of the programme will then be reviewed as part of a potential rollout of the programme across the capital.

Active Launch in Slough

Active Movement has truly come to Slough after a special PR day to launch the programme amongst the participating schools across the borough. Children and teachers from primary schools Montem Academy and Wexham Court were joined by Chalvey Grove Children’s Centre at a special press event held at another Active Movement school, Eden Girls. All gathered along with members of Slough Borough Council to complete a few of the activities that are part of the Active Movement programme in the Active Movement room, an area dedicated to the programme at the secondary school. The 12-month programme already involves other local schools such as Castleview Primary, with additional settings to be added in the new few weeks.

This is the first time that a single location has recruited a number of schools to undertake the Active Movement programme, offering a unique community opportunity that will be developed in the coming months.

Active Movement in Suffolk

Two primary schools (All Saints CEVAP and Pot Kiln Primary) plus secondary school Newmarket Academy are completing their third term of the programme with an upweighted schedule of movements and messaging. From now until Christmas, all three schools will follow a schedule of Active Movement events along with more daily activity in the classroom and around the school.

Recent focus groups have shown the programme has excited teachers and children alike. At the end of  December, the behaviour questionnaire will be completed by all students for the second time and a more detailed analysis of the effects of the programme on behaviour and activity will be reviewed.

Watch this space.

Active Movement in Slough

Active Movement has got underway in three Primary schools in Slough. Castleview Primary, Montem Academy and Wexham Court Primary School were set up last week and have immediately started their Active Movement programme. Teachers were trained and children briefed in readiness with each school being transformed into an Active Movement environment to educate and inspire all. Even the parents have been enthused with over 70 attending a special evening at Castleview!

Over the next few weeks other schools in Slough including Chalvey Grove Children’s Centre, St Joseph’s Secondary School and Eden Girls Secondary School will start their own journey along with another primary school in north London.

Look out for details of more active schools and events over the coming months!