Stand-out approach to well-being

Active Movement is more than a name. It is a way of thinking we define as ‘the taking of regular, small steps to create big behaviour change’.

This applies to any elements of well-being, particularly for the young. Behaviours introduced now can last a lifetime.

So this goes beyond just activity. The Active Movement System has developed a further layer of well-being support integrated into the programme to link with Active Events or relevant timings including

Active Mouthcare – Improving Oral Health in Primary and Early Years
Active Nutrition – Improving food education and choices in Early Years
Active Protection – Improving flu and MMR uptake, as well as handwashing in Primary and Early Years
Active School Travel – Improving our carbon footprint by reducing transport usage and increasing eco-friendly travel in Primary and Early Years
Active Mind – Currently in development to improve emotional well-being

The benefits to schools, settings and local authorities are enormous. There is no need to coordinate or plan separate campaigns as all are within a single framework. Administration for all is reduced as is planning time. Teachers, staff and parents have a single-minded message about well-being. Communication is consistent so increasing awareness. Suppliers gain easier access to locations. Shared experiences across the community lead to greater take-up.

The Active Movement system includes

  • Integrated timing template
  • Detailed briefing programme
  • Full creative resource across each campaign including incentives
  • Dedicated campaigns for Early Years, Primary School and Secondary Schools
  • Launch and support communication for all
  • Liaison with local organisations and suppliers in each category
  • Evaluation as part of overall behaviour questionnaire
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