The fightback

This week has seen two of the most extraordinary footballing comebacks as Liverpool and then Tottenham Hotspur beat the odds to overcome opponents who seemingly had their matches won. This snatching of victory from the jaws of defeat captured the imagination of the public and the press.

There is perhaps nothing as uplifting or as memorable as unlikely success. Staring failure in the face and then defying it is one of the most powerful emotions that only the most determined experience. There was no more striking picture then the uncontrolled tears of the Spurs manager Pochettino at the end of the game.

Less dramatic, but much more relevant, is how many of us accept our declining physical prowess and widening waistlines as a natural process in life. The thought of joining a gym, going for a jog or cutting down calorie intake becomes less likely as the years go by. Comfort and convenience are not exactly a failure, but it is an opponent we are unlikely to best.

Yet, there is hope. We now know that making small changes to our daily routine can have huge effects on our long-term well-being. Sitting a lot less and moving a little more can offer benefits to our body from reducing back-ache to protecting our hearts. Frequent, low-level activity throughout the day can affect everything from cancer rates to creativity.

Active Movement uniquely recognises this incredible opportunity for our minds and bodies. In childhood we shape this non-sedentary lifestyle as part of school routine. In offices, we inspire a new behaviour through repeated, subtle changes that become a powerful tool for health.

We no longer need believe that age inevitably means our bodies fail. Active Movement offers every single person the chance to make a difference.

Let the fight back begin.