Setting The Standard

The Active Movement System is a unique approach to activity.

It is a behaviour change programme that integrates standing often, moving more and sitting less into the daily routine of any school or setting environment.

It is a multi-layered approach designed to affect classrooms, lessons, the school environment and home life across the entire school or calendar year.

It can be adapted to suit the specific parameters and needs of every one of the audience it inspires irrespective of gender type, ethnicity, geography, social background or physical prowess.

It also recognises the demands and pressures on teachers and resource to embed such change. The Active Movement system is simple to understand and easy to implement.  It requires no equipment or space; no extra-curricular planning or coaching; no bureaucracy or ongoing form-filling; no class disruption or compromising of teaching time.

Instead the system comes with the relevant planning, training, communication, creative resource, information and ongoing support to effect proper behaviour change. And transitional programmes to link school types from Early Years to Secondary school as well as second- and third-year options to maintain and embed behaviour change in the long-term.

And of course a comprehensive evaluation process so you can see how the Active Movement System can set a new standard for activity and wellbeing in your location. (For examples, see Stand-out Schools and Nurseries).

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