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If you want to know more about the Active Movement System, simply complete the details below and an account manager will be in touch.

If you decide to proceed, you will then be contacted to confirm the programme you wish, and the next steps for briefing and integration.

The programme can start at any time and will last until the end of the proceeding third term. However, with the pressures of exams in the Summer term, we do not start the programme unless specifically requested. We recommend September or January start dates if possible.

Cost Options

The Active Movement is designed to include all children and match the needs of any setting.

From Early Years to Key Stage 4, every programme comes with a variety of options to enable you to access the 12-month Active Movement programme including

  • License option to the Active Movement online platform where you will find teacher training video, creative downloads, timing template, behaviour questionnaire, service line, launch package (plus sets of toys for Early Years)
  • Supervised option that includes all the above plus onsite training children assembly, weekly emails, visit programme, behaviour questionnaire, review and analysis
  • Creative option that includes the above plus the personalisation, printing and placement of material
  • A License and Creative combined option is also available
  • Larger scale programmes can also achieve cost discounts

Costs (excluding VAT)

Nursery Reception Primary Secondary
License £1000 £1000 £1500 £1500
Supervision £750 £750 £1000 £1000
Creative £500 £500 £500 £500
TOTAL £2250 £2250 £3000 £3000

There are additional variations in cost for combinations of setting types. These will offer savings as costs will be shared across single locations. Examples of total package costs are below with license/supervision/creative costs included (excluding VAT).

Nursery plus Reception £3000 (£1250/£1000/£750)
Infant school (Reception/KS1) £3600 (£1700/£1200/£700)
Infant/Primary (Reception/KS1/KS2) £4000 (£2000/£1200/£800)
Full Primary (Nursery/Reception/KS1/KS2) £4200 (£2000/£1300/£900)

Note these costs are for one year and are amortised across every child in the school. As a behaviour change programme, the impact will last beyond the 12 month programme. There are second and third year programme options to extend and embed the behaviour change.

There are additional extra costs in addition to the set prices (excluding VAT)

Active Wellbeing programme                                   from £1000/programme depending on setting type

Teacher/parent focus groups (x 4)                                                          £2000

Cluster Control Test across intervention/control school                         £7000

Note that these costs are based on standard school sizes of 500 (primary and secondary) and 100 (Nursery and reception). Smaller schools will receive some creative discount (other costs remain fixed).

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