If you want to know more about the Active Movement programme, simply complete the details below and an account manager will be in touch.

If you decide to proceed, you will then be contacted to confirm the programme you wish, and the next steps for briefing and integration.

The programme can start at any time and will last until the end of the proceeding third term. However, with the pressures of exams in the Summer term, we do not start the programme at the third term and recommend September or January start dates.

Cost Options

The Active Movement is designed to include all children and match the needs of any setting.

Whether Early Years or Key Stages 1-6, every programme comes with a license to the Active Movement online platform, teacher training, printing downloads, timing template, behaviour questionnaire, teacher service line, launch newsletter, welcome pack, campaign review and analysis.

Options include (excluding VAT):

Early Years (Nursery) £1000
Early Years (Nursery) plus staff programme £1500
Early Years (Nursery/Reception) £1500
Early Years (Nursery/Reception) plus staff programme £2000
Staff programme only £750
Key Stage 1 – 2 £1500
Key Stage 3 – 4 £1500
Early Years / Key Stage 1 £2000
Early Years / Staff programme / Key Stage 1 £2500

Recognising the constant demands on school budgets, the cost represents only a fraction of a typical school sports premium allocation and is discounted over combination packages.

And as the, the programme is inclusive for all children irrespective of age, gender, socio-demographic, economic status, ethnic background or physical ability, the cost is amortised across every single child equating to a few pence per day.

After the year a nominal licence fee is payable for the programme, upgrades focussing on specific school areas such as attainment, access to the service line as well receive continuing updates of the information, new programmes and special upgrades.

Add-on Communication package

To save you time and additional administration, Active Movement can supply a complete range of posters, roundels, signage, staff references, merit stickers and merchandise. All material will be personalised, printed and delivered to your door.

These costs vary by the package you select. Simple contact Active Movement for a quote.

Add-on Evaluation package

A qualitative assessment of the programme can be conducted by a third-part researcher to review the affability, enjoyability and effect of the programme and its communication with teachers and parents. It is conducted after the first term to reassure schools and to the effectiveness of the programme and allow finessing and development.

Contact Active Movement if you want more information about this option and a cost.

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