Decisions, decisions

Last week’s elections again highlighted the polarised choices and views of the British public around our leaving the EU. It is typical of the many choices we face in our lives. What started with a binary choice that became a miscellany of options to confuse and complicate.

It’s like going to shops. The decision to go or not to go is simple; the choices of what foods to buy, which tin of beans you prefer or what piece of fruit is the ripest can make the whole process tiring and lengthy.

Choosing to be active or not is equally a simple matter of ‘yes, I want to be’ or ‘no, I don’t’. If yes, the more difficult choice is then what kind of activity is preferred and practical. It is that difficult decision that usually dissuades most and perhaps why 80% of children in the UK fail to achieve public health’s minimum guidelines for fitness.

Active Movement recognises this difficulty. We make activity accessible and achievable by all. We remove the need for equipment, space, coaches, travel or cost. We do not force children to make choices but integrate activity into daily routine as a behaviour change.

And once the behaviour is set, it can benefit them for a lifetime.