Active Movement in Haringey

The borough of Haringey represents a new challenge for active movement with one of the most diverse populations across ethnicity, deprivation and educational ability. So when active movement had the chance to work with Debbie Arrigon from Haringey public health to introduce the concept to a local primary school, it was too good an opportunity to miss.

From the beginning of the Autumn term, St Ignatius RC School became an active movement school. Nearby Stamford Hall Primary School was selected as our first control school to better evaluate performance.

It is too early to determine the behavioural effects on the children but the first indications are encouraging. Teachers are already being inventive and innovative in integrating non-sedentary and low-level activity into class routine. Children are standing up during registration, answering questions and other school movements without disruption or disorganisation. The launch week has thrown up new characters, posters, stories, unique movements, special walks and even a radio commercial!

A full schedule of active opportunities is planned for the next few months ranging from homework to nutrition, challenges to active reading with the full support of teachers and parents

St Ignatius is on the move!