Active Movement in Essex

We are delighted to be working with June O’Sullivan MBE, an outspoken champion for improving the health and well-being of nursery and pre-school children.

Active Movement was delighted to be invited by June to introduce the programme at one of her LEYF nurseries near Newbury Park in Essex. The programme began as of November with staff training taking place a few days before.

The requirement of the active movement programme at this early stage is not about inspiring activity – at this age, the issue is more about getting them to sit still for a moment! So the programme looks to educate these youngsters about the power of being active and avoiding sedentary behaviour.

This is what the active movement programme will be doing at Marks Gate LEYF Nursery in East London over the next few months through communication, characters and special activities. Just as important, the staff will be involved in an active movement programme of their own to empower their support, improve their well-being and act as role models in educating the children.

The results will be available towards Easter next year when we will see that when it comes to educating and inspiring children to be active, the only way is Essex (LEYF)!