Abberley VC Parochial School

active-movement-libraryThis innovative Worcestershire junior school saw the first introduction of Active Movement to a younger audience. Though the pupils are already very active, the school offered a chance to tailor a programme to apply across its age range of 5 – 11 year olds.

The school was given a series of daily movements involving standing up and movement during the school day, particularly at lesson time when the children could be sedentary for long periods. Additional activities at playtime, team events, special homework, even integrating Sid and Stan into everyday language were created for the school. Using the two characters to communicate the programme, a series of posters, announcements, comics, and leaflets helped educate children about the benefits of low-level activity and inspire them to undertake it.

active-movement-playgroundThe results were outstanding. Though no behaviour questionnaire was possible, participation in the special movements (games communicated to the children through dedicated Sid and Stan comics) were consistently supported even though they were more demanding in the latter stages.

The daily movements were not only followed completely but were pro-actively pursued by all ages both at home and with the teachers. The children’s ability to retain the key educational messages about standing up and the effects on the body and well-being were equally extraordinary. Teachers found the programme energising, easy to implement and often enhanced the lessons. Parents were equally engaged and motivated to support their children in taking the programme home.